Remembering Brian Nerney.


On Sunday 25 February 2024 a bench in memory of the club’s co-founder and President Brian Nerney was unveiled at Streete Parish Park by the Club’s other co-founder, his wife Alice, on behalf of members. The Ramblers, the Nerney family and some local residents heard appreciations of Brian’s sterling work for the Club and the Parish from Chairperson Eileen Moreton and two beautifully appropriate poems were read by members. Alice herself spoke briefly of the 43 wonderful years of their marriage and Brian’s commitment to the Ramblers and the community. 

The Plaque on Brian’s Bench. 25.02.24.

  Alice and  Family at the unveiling of Brian’s Bench. 25.02.24.

Alice on Brian’s Bench. 25.02.24.

Brian’s Bench. 25.02.24.